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                                                                         Total Solutions: Mäder Coatings, Gelcoats and UP Resins meet EN 45545



 Total Service    Total Solutions , also for EN 45545 HL1, HL2, HL3     Technologies


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Mäder Coatings, Gelcoats and UP Resins meet EN .....



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  1. Flame test
  2. Color stability
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  1. Improved fire resistance
  2. Improved flow for better processing
  3.  Adaption of curing behaviour
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Consistent Gelcoat Color for whole project


Integrated solutions with Coatings









Approved with



EN 454545







Ditra 2109-10

Nuvopol 37-05


siehe Excel......  


Eco Train Project* Sidewall-/Window Part



Cork Sandwich



  • Less weight


  • Less noise


  • Less costs


*Eco Train is a projekt with Cork as Core   Project Leader is AMORIM Cork Composites, Team Members are ALSTOM,

PIEP, ISQ and Mäder 



Easy Processing


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Our Systems are for

  • Hand lay-up
  • Spraying
  • Vacuum Injection
  • Vacuum bagging
  • RTMlight
  • RTM


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