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Fire retardant

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Applications of Gelcoats and UP Resins

Mäder Composites develops and produces an expanded range of products for a multiplicity of applications. Our materials are fulfilling numerous duties. For example:
Sealing, decoration, fire protection (prevention), low smoke formation, isolation, conductibility etc.


Our technical support will assist you in choosing the right material. Using their know-how, as well as the entire infrastructure (Labs and Analytics), the members of our technical support team will develop the best solution for you.

Special resins for the Building Industry

Translucent and fire retardant polyester systems for facades and interior decorations.



Translucent Facade SBB Railway Station











Interior decoration with flame-retardant UP Resins

Interesting lightning effects with fiber-glass reinforced resins in the National Restaurant in Winterthur.











Typical outdoor applications

Decoration elements


Foto: Kofmel


The excellent UV- and weather-resistance, as well as a high flexibility in designing and colouring is predestinating UP resins for outdoor applications for years.


Foto: Probst













Agricultural and industrial bins

Chemical and mechanical resistance is characterizing these products.


Foto Rotaver

In addition to a very high mechanical resistance, the low weight makes UP resins essential for the bin construction industry (Agriculture / Chemistry), where besides large dimensions and chemical resistance, certain colors may be required.


Foto Rotaver










Road Vehicles

Flame-retardant resin-systems in the Railway Industry.


Foto 3A Composites

In the Transport Industry and at vehicles of the Public Transport (rail vehicles, metro, tram, aerial railway, shipbuilding), the low weight of Composite materials, as well as the high and reliable flame-resistance of Mäder systems are showing their importance.

Foto Horlacher












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